Have you heard of laundry stripping? I hadn’t either until recently. Laundry stripping is a soaking method for removing minerals from hard water, body oils that have permeated clothes/towels/sheets, built up detergent/fabric softener and hard to shift grime.

To strip your laundry you don’t need to rehearse a scene from The Full Monty but you do need a bath tub, borax, soda ash, laundry powder and hot water.

(Casper the cat was removed from the bathroom before the hot water was run.)

Laundry stripping isn’t new by any means, back in the day it was more common to hot soak towels and sheets to give them a good clean however it’s had a resurgence due to Lauren Elms stripping her towels in the bath on Tik Tok, since then #laundrystripping Tik Toks have racked up over 57 million views.

Click on this link to see the video that caused so much enthusiasm for laundry stripping.

Here’s how to strip your laundry using Green Goddess products

Seperate out your colours and strip similar colours together, don’t throw them all in at once as the colours can run with the hot water.

This is done with CLEAN items .. it’s amazing what comes out when they look clean going in!

Fill your bathtub up with hot water


1/4 cup Green Goddess Premium Borax

1/4 cup Green Goddess Premium Soda Ash

1/4 cup Green Goddess Laundry Powder of your choice.

If using regular laundry powder you will need 1/2 cup.

Stir until completely dissolved.

Submerge your clean clothes, sheets or towels in the tub and soak until the water has cooled stirring occasionally. This will take about four hours.

When cold drain out the water, collect your items and put them through a rinse/spin cycle in your washing machine. For whites add a 1tsp Green Goddess Bluing Powder to a cup of warm water and add to the rinse when the tub is full for extra whitening powder. Dry on the line in the sun if possible.

Enjoy your newly stripped clothes, towels, sheet etc. Mine are now lovely and white and feel very clean.

Previously clean sheets in soaking after 20 minutes
Grime lifting out after an hour