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We stock it on the website right here, Or else you could try your local health store.

Depending on what soap you use it can vary from being really liquid to solid as a rock. With Sunlight soap it is just gluggy. If it is too solid, heat it up again on the stove and add some more water.

You can buy Prussian Blue pigment from good art stores. Make sure you get the powdered pigment, not the paint.

Certainly, and please do try other soaps. We have found the vegetable oil soaps from Trade Aid work really well and are a far greener alternative to Sunlight. A bar of Sunlight is 125gms so half is approximately 60gms. Happy soap making.

Most ethnic stores have it, as Indian and other Asian cuisines use it a lot. Some supermarkets also stock it. There is a nice preservative-free one at www.lotusoils.co.nz, which is the one that we use in our products.

Yes you can. They have no chemicals added to make them bubble, so are ideally suited to a front loader.

We buy online at www.lotusoils.co.nz. I find their products are reasonably priced and really good quality.

You’ll find it at the hardware store as a drain cleaner. Just check that the label says 100% sodium hydroxide – which is what caustic soda is.

That will be because you didn’t wait until the bowl was full and agitating for the final rinse. Try timing a separate wash cycle to work out when the bowl will be full set the timer on your stove to tell you when to add the blueing.

You should be able to put it in the fabric softener compartment.

They should be perfectly fine as they don’t contain chlorine, which can interfere with the natural bacteria of the tank. Please see cleaning recipes section for my septic tank bacteria booster.

Most councils allow 6 hens and no roosters in city areas. Check with your local council. It is good to have a group with a minimum of three as they get lonely otherwise.