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Natural Cleaning Products From NZ

Eco Friendly Laundry Powders, Safe Home Cleaning and Body Care

Why Choose Green Goddess?

Our Eco friendly laundry powders, natural cleaning products and our body care range have been carefully formulated with a focus on quality, sustainability and value for money. From sourcing through to packaging and shipping, every step has been considered with you and Mother Nature in mind.

All of our Eco friendly laundry, cleaners and body care products have no toxins to aggravate allergies or hinder the immune system. There are no harmful substances to leach into the environment when you use Green Goddess laundry, cleaning and natural care products. Even our baking soda is mined, not man made like most in the world today. All paper packaging is home compostable.  Liquids have glass options so these natural products have less impact on the environment.

So whether you want anything from an apple cider vinegar recipe, to washing soda or anything in between, at Green Goddess we have a product that is value for money and friendly to the planet.


Customer Reviews

  • “I just wanted to contact you to let you know how much I love your deoderant! I bought it for the first time about a month ago now and have been using it almost every day since. The one day that I thought I'd go back to my old deodorant (as an experiment) I was so disappointed with it...and I was smelly which I hadn't been at all using your deoderant! I've tried lots of different natural deoderants over the years and this is by far the best I've ever tried. Thank you so much for creating a fantastic product. I will not be buying anything else from now on.”
    Sarah E
  • “I absolutely love Green Goddess products! The hemp seed face cream has totally changed my skin for the better - it's super gentle and hydrating. I'm obsessed. Shipping is always fast and the service is amazing.”
    Steph V
  • “I have been using Green Goddess cleaning products for the past few weeks and absolutely love them! Especially their cleaning paste, it has the most incredible peppermint smell which leaves my house smelling so fresh and clean! It's really important to me to ensure that the products I use don't contain lots of harmful toxic ingredients and are of good quality, and Green Goddess hits the mark with all of their range! Highly recommend their products!!”
    Natalie B
  • “I use Green Goddess products regularly and love what they're about. I always learn something new about removing toxic chemicals from my daily life, and love saving on plastic packaging; so easy to refill!”
    Stu J
  • “I have never come across such a great cleaning product as I have in the glass cleaner. I will not use anything else and I love it so much I bought it for my in laws new apartment, as a house warming present.”
    Keren I
  • “I’ve used natural Deodorants for awhile now …. This one is fantastic! By far the best I’ve used in ages. I’m going to purchase another one right now for my skeptical Husband. April 8, 2013
    Jessica M
  • “Love this product (Cleaning Paste 300gm – Peppermint). Great to use in the bathroom and know with my baby around there are no nasty chemicals and the past removes soap grime. March 10, 2014
  • “I have been buying and using this product (Natural Deodorant 80g – Unscented) since it first became available. It works even in the most needed of situations. And scent free being available is awesome. You need to apply so little it lasts for ages. Recommend it to everyone…why wouldnt you ! October 9, 2014
  • “The first of the selection of deodorants I bought was the rose, followed by the lavender. However, my skin has decided that it can’t take even the essential oils so I’m thrilled to use the scent free which really does work amazingly well. My husband has for years had a problem with underarm pong but for the first time ever, he’s nice to be near, even when he’s been out in the garden. I am just so pleased that this gentle product works where other expensive ones probably filled with nasties, have not!! Thanks so much Wendyl. April 23, 2018
    Diane S
  • “A must for your cleaning supplies – cleans wonedrfully and smells lovely and lasts such a long time. It had been a while since I have used a creme or paste cleaner (used to use Handy Andy) but I cannot see myself changing to anything else now. Recommended. April 18, 2018