ease nappy rash naturally

Nappy rash is a common problem that can be caused by something in babies diet, or, simply too much moisture around their skin from wet nappies. The good news is, diaper rash is easy to treat, and it can start responding to treatments right away. With a few natural ingredients you can create your own nappy rash home remedies. Or, you can try a great product like our Kawakawa & Aloe Baby Balm.

Commercial baby wipes can contain some nasty chemicals which can also cause nappy rash. Check labels very carefully or better yet use our Natural Baby Wipe Solution and Thinkwise Wipes.

If you are breastfeeding and your baby comes out in a rash, think back and check that you didn’t introduce a new food which might be producing the effect, and then avoid it for a few months.

Here are a couple of simple all-natural nappy rash treatments to try:

Aloe Vera Gel

This is a marvellous substance for rashes (and burns). See if you can source real aloe vera gel from a health shop, with no additives such as colourings or preservatives. Or simply grow an aloe vera plant yourself. I have several and they are very easy to keep alive. You can slit open a leaf by running a sharp knife down the centre of the flat side. You then open out the leaf surface to reveal the clear, healing gel. Scrap it off, trying not to get any of the green outer layer, as this can cause a reaction in some people. Use this clear gel and apply it to your baby’s bottom at every nappy change.

Karitane Ointment

This is a quintessential Kiwi old favourite which has been used by generations of mothers. The chemist used to make it up for people, but I have found an old recipe and adjusted it. It does use petroleum jelly, which some greenies don’t like using because it comes from a mineral source and supports the petroleum industry which is depleting the earth of its natural resources. I say use it for this because it’s a marvellous, easy-to-make concoction.

Mix together in a bowl:
50g petroleum jelly
1tsp zinc oxide powder
3 ml almond oil
½ tsp lanoline

When combined put into a jar with a screw top lid. Use when needed.