There are many health benefits associated with garlic … when growing up my Dad would tell me to stick cut-up garlic to the soles of my feet, (or put inside tightly fitting socks), whenever I felt a cold coming on; the antimicrobial in garlic help to fight the virus. You may end up with funky smelling feet but hey, no cold!

You can also use garlic as a natural way to help with earache. This article from Trisha of Naturally By Trisha (who makes the healing balms that we sell) explains how.

Garlic for earache

I was amused to hear Dr Ashley Bloomfield answer “honestly” that eating 4 onions a day would not keep the covid 19 virus away, reminding me of the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Whilst not agreeing that 4 onions a day would keep the covid away I think many of us do underestimate the benefits of food as medicine.

The allium family to which garlic and onions belong  contains an active ingredient called allicin, an organosulfer compound, which is responsible for their antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

In some studies it has been shown to have anti-tumour properties. There is a lot to be said for preventative medicine and I believe that a diet based on fresh organic fruit and vegetables can go a long way to keeping ourselves healthy.

When I start to feel sickness coming on, typically for me it starts in the throat, the first things I reach for these days are my high dose Kyolic garlic supplement, lyposomal high dose vitamin C, homeopathic Gelsemium and Harkers Herbal ear nose and throat tonic. If I’m consistent with taking these over 24 hours it will kick the lurgy to the curb.

Our bodies change over time and we can respond to different remedies than we once might have. In the past when I had a long-term and persistant night cough I was personally amazed at how the humble onion resolved this after 4 nights.

Using garlic for an earache will ease the pain and in some cases eradicate the infection.

What you need is  a teaspoon, boiling water, 1 garlic clove, olive oil and cotton wool.

What you do. Chop/crush a clove of garlic. Use the cotton wool and roll into a ball small/large enough to plug up the patient’s ear. Place the teaspoon into the boiling water so it heats up. Remove from the heat and pour some of the oil and the crushed garlic onto the teaspoon. The teaspoon will be hot enough to warm the oil and the garlic will be infused in the oil.

Now place your cotton ball into the garlic infused oil and let it fully absorb the olive oil. We know never to push anything into the canal. Just plug up the entrance with the soaked ball and let the garlic work it’s magic.

Be sure to contact your health provider for more advice if necessary.

Stay well! Trisha.

Trisha has a rewarding practice in her clinic at her marae in Silverdale. She combines the modalities of classical homeopathy, rongoā māori and Ho’oponopono.  These complementary modalities  facilitate healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

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