Have you heard of Javelle Water? It’s origins stem from Javel, a former French village which is now part of Paris, this is where it was first made. However the original version uses sodium hypochorite, a solution of active chlorine, otherwise known as bleach.

Whilst bleach may get your clothes looking white, it’s pretty terrible when it comes to your health. Bleach is very toxic, even when diluted it can still cause skin burns, irritation and can damage the respiratory system if the fumes are inhaled – not to mention how toxic it is to our planet, washing it down the sink and out into our waterways causes an array of problems.

This super stain and spot remover is made from Wendyl’s Premium Soda Ash and Wendyl’s Premium Oxygen Bleach, both of which are a whole lot better for you, your family and Mother Earth.

Our version of Javelle water stain and spot remover 


Use only glass jugs or bowls, not plastic.

Mix 250g Wendyl’s Premium Soda Ash in 550ml of boiling water. In another jug dissolve 125g of  Wendyl’s Premium Oxygen Bleach (sodium percarbonate) in a litre of cold water.

Mix the two solutions and stand back as it will fizz and smoke a bit. Leave to sit for two hours or until it stops smoking, then strain through some muslin or a white tea-towel and store in a glass bottle.

To use, stretch the stained part over a basin of cold or tepid water. Apply the ‘Javelle Water’ with a medicine dropper, drip from a teaspoon or put in a spray bottle. Leave for a few minutes, then slip the stain down into the water. Apply again and repeat until the stain disappears. Tough stains can take quite a while to shift.

Wash thoroughly with fresh water and add a little Wendyl’s Premium White Vinegar to help remove any traces of ‘Javelle Water’ smell.

 For use on white fabrics only.

*A safety note on sodium percarbonate. This substance is powdered hydrogen peroxide which is an oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is much better for the environment than chlorine because it breaks down into oxygen and water however it is still a bleach so store it wisely and keep out of reach of children.