Peppermint Toilet Cleaner


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    Product Description

    Natural Peppermint Toilet Cleaner is an all time favourite with our customers. Everyone loves the cleaning power and the fresh peppermint smell.

    The contents are a mix of soda ash, oxygen bleach and peppermint essential oil to finish.

    All you have to do is sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons into the bowl, whisk it around with the toilet brush and leave for 10 minutes to give it time to activate. Then brush well and flush. It’s that simple. There’s enough in one bag for 45 toilet cleans.

    Keep unwanted toilet bowl smells away with Loo Ease. Choose from Fresh Mint Aroma or Spiced Earth Aroma.


  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 1051 g
    Dimensions 130 × 130 × 125 mm
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