If you’re a beekeeper, those little yellow globs of sticky stuff that seem to appear out of nowhere on outdoor furniture, windows and driveway is good news, it means your bees are all behaving as they should; saving their poop for a cleansing flight away from the hive.

If you’re not a beekeeper and you’re on a neighbouring property that’s directly in the flight path, it’s most likely not good news.

As much as we need bees and the more of them we have the better, their yellow mustard like globs of poop are a nightmare, especially on cars.

Initially bee poop will be sticky when it falls and hits your car, however it quickly hardens into a solid lump that is very difficult to remove.  If you’re lucky enough to get to the poop at the sticky stage a good dousing with water can usually shift it, if left to harden even the most robust car wash won’t get it off.

So what will?

I’ve found two of our natural products remove bee poop – as long as you move quickly and don’t let it set.

Wendyl’s Baby Wipe Solution put a little on a chux cloth, rub over the poop and it will dissolve.

Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Dish Wash to use dampen your chux cloth slightly then put a little dish wash on, rub over the poop until it dissolves.

Once you’ve removed all the splotches wash your car as usual. These two methods also work for windows, furniture, roofs etc. However I’m not sure if it will work if the bee poop has gone solid, I got mine off quite quickly.

This is what has worked for me from personal experience.

**If the bee poop has solidified it is much more difficult to remove. These methods only work for fresh bee poop.