You’ll be horrified to learn that there are over 10,500 unique chemical ingredients, some of which are known carcinogens toxic to the reproductive and endocrine systems, that go into personal & skin care products with no pre-market safety testing.
Furthermore, these chemicals are not trace contaminants, they’re substantial components of the product that you are putting all over your skin or worse yet your children’s skin.
Peppa Pig Sun Screen is just one example of chemical additives gone very wrong, recently one extremely upset Mum in across the ditch took up her concern with the Australian Cancer Council when, after applying the sun screen as a precaution, her 3-month old Son was burnt when he wasn’t even in the sun! This sparked national outrage as you can imagine, read all about the concerns with Peppa Pig here.
Please be very careful when purchasing all personal care products, ensure you read the labels and research anything you are unsure about – or you could just purchase from us and be sure you and your family are safe from toxic chemicals. For more information on cosmetics and your health go here     Triona