This weeks guest blogger is beauty and lifestyle writer Sophia Smith, this article looks at which natural skin care ingredients are the most effective.

We’ve come a long way in learning to distinguish among the many harmful and undesirable ingredients commonly found on our beauty bottles.

We’ve heard about the dangers of parabens, silicone, and other chemicals that can wreak havoc on our skin health, so we now know to steer clear of those particular elements. But what about the ingredients we should seek?

Those goodies that will help us preserve our youthful glow, reduce imperfections such as dark spots and pimples, and prevent early ageing signs.

With so many wonderful products and home-made skin care solutions to choose from, it can become equally challenging to land on the perfect good choice as it would be tricky to avoid the bad one. So, let’s take a look at a few skin-tastic ingredients coming straight from Mother Nature and all the ways you can infuse them into your life for better beauty results!

Arm yourself with super foods

Due to their high antioxidant content, superfoods have earned their rightful place on the beauty counters precisely for their incredible impact on the health of your pores. More vegan products are rich in spinach, kale, and other superfoods precisely because they have so many vitamins and minerals that your skin can benefit from either topically or directly from your plate.

As an example, you can find a spirulina, kale, and spinach-based facial mask that will reinvigorate your complexion. Then again, an acai berry-based lip balm is in demand also for its antioxidant properties owed to this mighty little berry.

Look for nourishing oils

If you still haven’t used coconut or olive oil to massage your scalp and restore your locks’ bounce, you’ve been living under a rock. Oils have been trending for quite some time now, especially those cold-pressed, organic varieties that have tremendous benefits for your overall health, and your skin is no exception.

In addition to the famous coconut and olive oil, the newest and one of the best oils is hemp seed oil, look for a cleanser that contains this magical oil as it will pamper your skin whilst cleansing and removing impurities, makeup, and dirt build-up. Try this cleanser from The Hemp Farm.

Another wonderful oil is jojoba oil, known for its gentle soothing properties, it’s easily absorbed and not as greasy as many of it’s oily counterparts – it also makes a great cleaner.

Apart from cleansers, masks, moisturisers, lip balms should also provide you with a touch of oily goodness! Green Goddess lip balms are very hydrating and create a protective shield on you lips.

Gentle Acid Exfoliators

Sometimes, your skin does need the powerful scrub of your physical exfoliants, such as those mighty beads. However, this is not always the case, especially if these products are also loaded with harsh ingredients that can irritate your sensitive skin and cause more harm than good in the long run. Thankfully, Mother Nature has us covered with skin-friendly acids!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, we are talking about acids. Before your mind ventures too far into a horror movie, we’re talking about acids that are so mild on your pores that they will purify and cleanse as well as exfoliate, but without irritation. Some of them are derived from natural ingredients such as citrusy fruits (citric acid, imagine that), while some are found in your own skin, such as hyaluronic acid, and others such as salicylic acid are derived from plants, namely from the bark of the willow tree.

Heavenly Butters

Hand in hand with oils, butters are truly wonderful additions to your skin care routine. They are versatile, so you’ll find some heavier, perfect for winter, and other much lighter and ideal for summer months. They are your skin’s dream come true when it comes to moisture and nourishment.

You can start with shea or cocoa butter, while olive, almond, and hemp are also high on the list as some of the most delicious choices for your skin. Loaded with omega-3 and omega06 fatty acids, they boost collagen production, keep those wrinkles at bay, and protect your skin from sun damage, among other healthy things they do for your complexion! 

Try this recipe for hemp and lemon creamed body butter