Smoothie bowls make the perfect breakfast or lunch, especially when you’re in a rush. There are so many healthy ingredients you can use to create your bowl, this recipe uses Super Me Wellness Powder and The Hemp Farm Hemp Protein for an extra energy boost.

The best part about making a smoothie bowl (other than eating it) is decorating the top, the options are almost endless and the finished result can be a work of art.

Super Smoothie Bowls

1 heaped cup frozen mixed berries

1 small sliced frozen banana

1/4 frozen avocado

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

2-3 Tbsp coconut water or almond milk

3 Tbsp Super Me Wellness Powder

1 Tbsp The Hemp Farm Hemp Protein

To get a lovely thick consistency use a blender and add the frozen ingredients first a little at a time stopping in between to push the mixture back down then re-blend, once you have a grainy looking consistency add a little liquid and blend until it’s smooth but still very thick.

If using a Vitamix you can pretty much put all the ingredients in at once and blend on slow then higher until you get the right consistency. If you don’t have a blender you can use a food processor.

Time is of the essence so quickly spoon into your bowl, decorate and eat it. Decide on your toppings and cut up what is necessary before you start, that way your smoothie bowl won’t melt too much.

Choose Your Toppings

Shredded unsweetened coconut flakes or desiccated

Freeze dried berries or fruit

Super Me Powder

Nut butter

Hemp Hearts

Chia Seeds


Sliced strawberries

Fresh berries

Sliced banana

Sliced pineapple

Sliced kiwifruit

Sliced melon or watermelon

Sliced pears, peaches or plums

Currents or raisins

Chopped dates

Chopped nuts

Dragon fruit

Check out this video for more inspiration

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