Stink is a heartfelt documentary about the chemical industry’s aggressive efforts to conceal the thousands of potentially toxic ingredients contained in everyday products.

Jon Whelan, the movie’s director and narrator, smelt a horrible smell coming from his daughters’ new pajamas. The manufacturers of the pajamas refused to disclose what the offending substance was, leading Jon on a journey to track down its source.

During the process he discovered that any manufacturer could cram as many toxic ingredients as it wanted, including known carcinogens, under the umbrella term “fragrance,” without being required to name any of them specifically.

This is pretty scary stuff, and very hard to get to the bottom of. When asking individual companies to disclose exactly what ‘fragrance’ is on specific items none are forthcoming.

To avoid toxic chemicals it’s best to choose natural products that are actually natural and do not have ‘fragrance’ listed anywhere.

I highly recommend you watch this movie to understand the lengths that chemical companies and manufacturers will go to when hiding toxins.

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