White linen hanging on the clothesline and dried

Often all it takes to get rid of everyday stains on clothes and linen is to use the good old tried-and-true method of rubbing the stain with soap under warm running water, then rinsing and washing the item as normal.

However, every once in a while you might encounter a tougher stain that requires a different approach, such as those from blood and iodine. In this article Wendyl Nissen shares some simple spot washing techniques that she found to be effective for removing those more stubborn stains.

From Wendyl …

“I woke up last week to find that there had been carnage in my bed overnight. On Tuesday night I managed to slice half my nail off on my left index finger and I hadn’t really done the best job of bandaging it. So this morning there was blood and iodine all over my new white Wallace Cotton bed cover, as well as the pillow slip, both white sheets and the mattress topper.

So at 7am I was spot washing the stains which is a new technique I have been using with much success. There were some old stains on some white duvet covers up north which I successfully removed using this method. And it saves so much water because you don’t have to wash the whole item.

For harder stains like iodine (from the Betadine ointment I was using) I take about 1/2 tsp of our Oxygen Bleach and rub that into the damp spot until it has dissolved, and hey presto that stain goes as well. Then all you have to do is rinse well, dab dry with a towel and hang out on the line.”

You can also soak garments and linen in Natural-San overnight, this works for easier to move stains.

For very hard to move stains try making up some Javelle Water Spot Remover, it works wonders on difficult to move stains.