sick on couch ingredients

One of the things I enjoy about winter is pulling the crockpot out from its summer storage spot and making my favourite slow cooked meals. Taking the pressure out of busy evenings by preparing meals in the morning is a fantastic concept and so is this clever idea from the lovely people at Needs a Slow Cooker Recipe Facebook Page of having a warm natural healing remedy brewing away to help yourself to when you’ve been struck down by a cold or flu.

Using just a few basic ingredients you can recover on the couch and let your slow cooker take care of you! This recipe is for the whole family and will last several days.

Sick On The Couch Crockpot Remedy for Colds and Flu’s

8 Lemons halved and quick squeeze

1/2 ginger root roughly chopped

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

Fill with water.

Heat on high at first then turn down too low.

Leave all day and help yourself as needed. For an extra kick add a little cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper can help alleviate cold or flu symptoms by acting as a decongestant, reducing inflammation, boosting circulation, supporting the immune system, relieving pain, and inducing sweat.