Thanks to Theresa Grainger for the pic and for suggesting this recipe.

This is a quick, easy, sugar-free, absolutely delicious recipe for quick baked nectarines that a friend of mine recommended and I love it! There are many different stone fruits available at local markets and greengrocers at the moment, and it’s so good to have different ways to eat them. This recipe will work just as well with ripened peaches.

We served these with Little Island Coconut Caramel ice cream which was out of this world! The regular recipe uses ricotta cheese, but if you’re vegan there are some great Vegan ricotta cheese recipes that you can try instead – I’ve included one in my blog article and also a dairy free whipped cream recipe made with coconut milk.

Quick Baked Nectarines

6 Ripe Nectarines

1 1/2 Cups Ricottoa

1/4 Cup Cream

1 tsp Vanilla Bean Extract

2-3 Drops Stevia

Cut the nectarines in half and remove the pit’s then place in the oven on 160 for 8 minutes. Blend up the ricotta, cream, vanilla bean extract and stevia.  Remove the nectarines from the oven and and scoop the blended filling onto each one, add your choice of topping, chia seeds and shredded coconut works well, then place back into the oven for a further 3 to 4 minutes until heated through but not runny. Serve with coconut ice cream.

Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe  by Cassie from

Dairy Free Whipped Cream made with coconut milk from