QSB Quantum Scalar Box


The Quantum Scalar Box is a Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device unique to Life Energy Solutions, there is nothing else like it available today.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The QSB Quantum Scalar Box is a Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device that was developed by David Slinger based on and inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla. It works at the cellular level beyond both the mental and emotional levels. There is nothing else like it today!

    What is the QSB? The QSB is a life energy, zero-point energy, frequency generator that is pre-programmed with the solfeggio healing frequencies. The upgrade pack (sold separately) allows custom frequencies to be generated by the QSB. Frequency-based therapeutic devices are usually sold exclusively to practitioners – usually for tens of thousands of dollars. The QSB is affordable for individuals and groups and more powerful than most, if not all, of these practitioner devices. Simple to use – just plug it in to start the Solfeggio frequency cycle.

    Stress is probably the biggest threat to human well-being today. Whatever its source, whether it’s work, family, money worries, or from the environment. Our water and our food is becoming toxic, the air that we breathe is not as clean as it needs to be and then there’s something called EMF – electromagnetic fields. These are coming at us from all directions, from power grids, from our toys, computers, cell phones – we’re up to about a hundred million times more than our grandparents ever experienced of this stuff!

    On top of this all of us carry stress in our bodies from trauma that we experienced in our formative years, and scientists have discovered that stress can actually be passed down generation to generation in your DNA – so things such as a war will have knock-on effects for many generations to come. It is generally accepted now that up to 80% of all our illness is directly related to stress and stress can actually be seen in the blood using a high-powered microscope. If you look at the pictures here you can see how all the blood cells are clumped together – this is a classic illustration of stress in the human body.

    To see what stress will do to the blood cells click here. These pictures show before and after results when Life Energy tested this technology on a group of eight subjects. These blood sample results speak for themselves!

    Self-healing – True healing is done by ourselves. But we need help, the QSB is perfect for this. If dis-ease was a weed, then the QSB is the perfect tool to loosen the soil so it can easily be removed. Anything that assists with healing at the root, or causal level has two basic components – energy and frequencies (information). The QSB provides scalar (life) energy/Zero-point energy and has the Solfeggio Healing Frequencies in-built. It is also capable of producing custom frequencies.

    There is a new paradigm in complete healing – The old methodology of treating the symptoms of dis-ease is being rapidly being replaced by more informed thinking. It is now widely accepted scientifically that EVERYTHING is made of energy, which has led many experts to agree that the future of medicine is vibrational. The QSB is a trail-blazer for this new paradigm.

    How does the QSB fit into this new paradigm of healing? The QSB generates scalar waves. These can also be called life-energy waves. They are primal in that they are vibrating the very foundation of all life – and so transmitting full power to the very root level of our issues and dis-ease.

    The solfeggio frequencies are built right into the QSB, so that as soon as you plug it in they start to play, not as a healing musical scale, but as frequency which is much more potent and powerful. The Solfeggio frequency – 528 Hz – has even been scientifically shown to repair DNA in a petri dish.

    Life Energy doesn’t make any claims for specific results concerning any physical or mental condition, but they can say that shaking things up energetically with key frequencies to overcome unwanted obstacles, like unconscious patterns, early childhood conditioning, and trauma, allows your own healing abilities to move you towards complete health and well-being.

    The Upgrade Pack (not included) provides Custom Frequencies and much more. The QSB is capable of being connected to a smartphone or tablet. This enables it to run custom frequencies or custom sequences of frequencies. The apps are preloaded with a range of frequencies to experiment with.

    For more information and to purchase the QSB upgrade pack click here.

    The QSB is backed by Life Energies 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days you want to send it back we will refund your money – no quibbles, no questions asked. Made in New Zealand by Life Energy.

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 1020 g
    Dimensions 150 × 160 × 230 mm