kiwi fruit, cucumber, lemon, baking soda teeth whitener recipe

There are plenty of products to choose from when it comes to whitening your teeth, from dental strips to LED blue light moulds that accelerate the whitening process.

These types of products can contain harmful chemicals so be sure to read labels carefully, chlorine dioxide (a strong disinfectant also used for cleaning swimming pools) is one to look out for.

This natural DIY recipe uses four ingredients to make a paste that helps to remove discolouring and bacteria.

Natural Teeth Whitening DIY

2 Slices Cucumber Peeled

2 Slices Peeled Kiwi Fruit

A few drops of Lemon Juice

2 tsp Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda

Combine all the ingredients together in a blender or hand mixer. Dip in your tooth brush and brush your teeth, leave on for 30 seconds then rinse off. If you have particularly sensitive teeth cut the baking soda down to 1tsp.

This recipe is from Armen at creative explained and has been dentist approved in the USA for use twice weekly.

Check out Armen’s story here and check out his fantastic book “Don’t Throw it Out! 2” here.

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