The holidays are here! Time to head to the beach, bush, lake or campground.

Get prepared for your summer holiday with a natural holiday remedy kit. Before heading off, take some time to pack a natural first aid kit, ready for any eventuality.

Baking Soda

This marvellous substance is a godsend for so many ailments. You can mix it to a paste with water and apply to bee stings and mosquito bites as soon as they happen.

A cupful in a warm bath will also sooth any itching.

For sunburn relief mix up 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 cup of water and apply to the affected areas.

If someone tangles with stinging nettles and gets a rash make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply.

If you run out of toothpaste you can also dip your brush into baking soda and use that instead.

If you’ve been fishing and your hands stink of fish just rub about 2 tsp of baking soda on your hands instead of soap.

Malt Vinegar

Apart from being a must-have ingredient to go with chips, malt vinegar can sooth jelly fish stings. Rinse the sting immediately with salt water, not fresh water which will activate the stinging cells. Then rinse with vinegar. Wine or gin also works. To avoid getting stung your kids can wear pantyhose while they are swimming.

You can also apply vinegar to bee, wasp or mosquito stings to sooth the itching and a cotton ball soaked in vinegar then applied to a bruise for an hour will speed healing.

You can also deter mosquitoes by moistening a cloth with vinegar and rubbing it on your skin.


Most people take sugar on holiday but little do they know that it is great in the first aid cupboard. If you can’t get a stubborn prickle out of little feet send them to bed with a plaster over the prickle which has been rubbed in soap and then sprinkled with sugar. By the morning the prickle will have either worked its way out or will be easier to nab with the tweezers.

If your child gets sunstroke it is important to get an electrolyte solution into them. You can make this by mixing one litre of cooled boiled water with one tablespoon sugar and one teaspoon salt.

If someone is a bit keen on the hot sausage from the barbecue and burns their tongue sprinkle a pinch or two of sugar on the tongue and the pain will subside.

Aloe Vera

It’s well worth investing in a small potted aloe vera plant to take away with you. If you slice down the leaf to release the clear gel you can use it on bites and burns to sooth itchiness and pain. If you have quite a lot it also works really well as a moisturiser on your face after a day in the sun.

Fresh Ginger

Not all kids are created equal and travel sickness can be a problem in the car or on the boat. You can make a ginger tea by grating a piece of root ginger which has been peeled. Put 1 tsp in a glass of hot water and sweeten with honey. This tea is also great if someone eats too many sausages and gets indigestion. 

Olive Oil

There is nothing worse than having an insect stuck in your ear canal, if this happens get the person to lie down with the offending ear facing up and then pour oil into the ear cavity. Try to keep them still until the insect drowns in the oil. Then drain the oil and let them marvel at how tiny it is, yet how loud it was.

Manuka Honey

 Shells, broken bottles, and fish hooks all leave their calling card on your children’s feet. Firstly clean cuts and grazes with saline solution made by adding 1 tsp of salt to 1 cup of boiled water to remove any debris. Then apply Manuka honey and a plaster.