super cute turtleneck tea cosy

Are you a new knitter or haven’t knitted for a while? Why not make a cute turtleneck teapot cosy this weekend to get you back into it. Studies have shown that knitting is great for wellbeing as it requires you to use many parts of the brain at the same time.

So not only will you have a lovely cosy for your pot of tea, you’ll be sharpening your mind too.

I found this article interesting about how knitting can activate areas of the brain that are good for generating a sense of calm, which can contribute to improved emotional processing and better decision making.

If you get the knitting bug and end up with several cosies they make great gifts – and you’ll be encouraging people to make tea like they did in the old days with tea leaves and a pot. Into the warmed pot you put one teaspoon of leaves for every person and one teaspoon for the pot.

The tea cosy turtleneck pictured is a pattern that’s available as a free download, the pattern is designed by Suzanne Resaul who has a range of lovely patterns on Ravelry including knitted poppies, scarves beanies and booties.

Your teapot can wear this stylish turtleneck with the collar turned in, folded out, or even twisted and then folded down. You can open it up to add more water and then re-close it.

Click here for the Turtleneck Teapot Cosy pattern.

I also liked the look of these tea cosy patterns, the Hobbit Cottage is a lot more intricate – but very creative!

Click here for a Teapot Mitten Cosy pattern. 

Click here for a Hobbit Cottage Teapot Cosy pattern.

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