javelle water

Have you heard of Javelle Water? It was the first chemical bleach so it has been around for hundreds of years. With our recipe it’s super easy to make a natural version yourself using just our Premium Soda Ash, Oxy Bleach and water. Mixing the two solutions using the following method causes a reaction and produces Javelle Water which can then be used for bleaching and disinfecting. This super stain remover is for spots on white fabric only.

Javelle Water Spot Remover

Mix 250g Green Goddess Premium Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) in 550ml boiling water. In another jug dissolve 125g of Green Goddess Premium Oxy Bleach (sodium percarbonate) in a litre of cold water. Mix the two solutions and stand back as it will fizz and smoke a bit. Leave to sit for two hours or until it stops smoking, then strain through some muslin or a white tea-towel and store in a glass bottle.

Use glass jugs or bowls whenever possible, do not use metal, this includes spoons/mixing utensils.

To use, stretch the stained part over a basin of cold or tepid water. Apply the Javelle Water with a medicine dropper, drip from a teaspoon or put in a spray bottle. Leave for a few minutes, then slip the stain down into the water. Apply again and repeat until the stain disappears. Tough stains can take quite a while to shift. Wash thoroughly with fresh water and add a little white vinegar to help remove any traces of the bleach smell.

*A safety note on sodium percarbonate (oxy-bleach). This substance is powdered hydrogen peroxide which is an oxygen bleach. Oxy bleach is much better for the environment than chlorine because it breaks down into oxygen and water however it is still a bleach so store it wisely and keep out of reach of children.