painted toes with marshmallows as toe separators

Did you know that those marshmallows in your pantry and the mayonnaise in your fridge have so much more potential than just tasting good?

This article has ingenious tips on how to solve mildly irritating problems with everyday items you’ll probably already have at home.

Ingenious Life Hacks using Everyday Items

Use a little oil on the inside of your votive holders, makes replacing candles easier.

Add saline solution to refresh dried-out mascara.

Use a lint roller to clean out the debris in your handbag.

Try using mayonnaise to erase water stains from wooden furniture.

Pop some marshmallows in between your toes to separate them during a home pedicure.

Use newspaper as an odour absorber. You can put it in Tupperware, or the crisper bin of your fridge, or in a purse with any lingering leather smells.

Use aspirin to turn hair made green by chlorine back to its natural colour. Simply dissolve six to eight aspirin pills in a glass of warm water, coat hair with the solution, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.

Light up a raw spaghetti strand to light hard-to-reach candle wicks.

Use Earl Grey teabags to ease sunburn.

Try using unscented dental floss to cut soft cheeses and cakes.

Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to make cut flowers last longer.

Use 1tsp laundry liquid and a dash of vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle to release wrinkles from clothing.

Use yellow American mustard to suck the pain out of a minor burn.

Rub the cut edge of cheese with some butter to keep it from getting mouldy.

Use Scotch tape or nail polish to relieve an insect bite.

Throw baking soda on a burgeoning grease fire to smoother it.

Put 1Tbsp soda ash with 1L warm water in an aluminium dish and soak your silverware to remove any tarnishing.

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