You can find aluminium in almost every home, it’s an incredibly durable metal and when cared for correctly has a lovely shiny appearance. It’s also very easy to wipe down and isn’t porous so doesn’t harbour bacteria easily. One downside to aluminium is keeping the finish sparkling and streak free.

If you have aluminium that has lost it’s shine or a film is starting to form and you’d like to bring it back to life give this DIY method a try.

How To Revive Aluminium

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

Hot water

Soft cleaning cloth

Buffing pad or cloth

Green Goddess Glass Spray Cleaner

This also works on stainless steel.

To get your aluminium looking like new, boil the jug and put two tablespoons of cream of tartar into a mug or pyrex jug, then pour the hot water in a little at a time mixing until a thick paste forms.

Put some of the paste onto your soft cleaning cloth and rub onto the aluminium in a circular motion, continue until you’ve done the whole surface. Next buff the surface using the buffing pad/cloth and wipe off any extra paste as you go.

If there’s still a little residue spray with Green Goddess Glass Spray Cleaner and polish with a clean soft cloth. You can use this spray cleaner to keep your aluminium and stainless clean and shiny on a daily basis.