remove grass stains

Grass stains on clothes can be somewhat of a pain to remove, any mother with kids playing sport will no doubt end up with stained garments from time to time.

One of the most important things to do when removing them is to act quickly, the longer you wait the more ingrained the stain will become. If it sits too long the stain may never come out!

Even if all you have on hand is water – that’s a good start. Rinse the stain as soon as you can to stop it from setting, then treat the area with this method.

grass stained pants

First of all make a paste (as best you can, mine’s always a bit powdery) of white cleaning vinegar and premium soda ash to cover the spot. Put the paste onto the spot, rub VERY gently and leave over night. I usually put the paste on and then roll up the garment before leaving it.

Next rinse the mixture off and VERY gently (did I say very) hand spot wash using warm water and a spot removal bar such as our Green Goddess Lemongrass & Lime Castile. Don’t rub aggressively as you may move the stain around causing more of an issue. Leave for 30 minutes.

Finally wash the item as you normally would, either by hand or in the machine, make sure to use warm water not hot as this can set the stain. Check that the stain has gone before drying.

If your stain is still visible (or it’s an old stain that is already ingrained) a combination of dish soap (I use Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus) and hydrogen peroxide 30% should do the trick. Combine both 50:50 and soak the stain for at least 30 minutes, then gently massage the stain and rinse with cool water.

clean pants no grass stain