Avocados have had a bad rap in the past because of their high-fat content, but let me say this out loud: it is GOOD FAT, full of oleic acid! When I was growing up, Dad planted a small orchard with a long row of avocado trees. At the time hardly anyone knew what they were but he’d done plenty of research and knew how beneficial to our health they were.

As kids we ate plenty of avocado from an early age; Mum used to mash them up and give them to us when we were babies – which helped to develop our taste buds early on – and now they’re still one of my favourite foods.

Avocados were one of the first ‘superfoods’ as they’re extremely nutritious and loaded with healthy fats, fibre, and important nutrients such as potassium, folate, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamins E, K, C, B5 and B6.


Health Benefits Of Avocados

Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
Helps treat vitamin K deficient-related bleeding
Aids in maintaining healthy skin
Helps to overcome nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy
Products liver from damage and ailments
Aids in maintaining healthy skin
Keeps eyes healthy
Prevents bad breath
Helps to treat arthritis
Has anti-cancer properties
For an in depth look at these benefits and more read this article on Organicfacts.net

Avocados are also very versatile, you can make them into a dressing (such as the delicious Avocado Lime Dressing in our blog here), use them as a sandwich filling, make raw avocado soup, cut up chunks for a salad, substitute them for dairy in brownies and chocolate mousse (try this recipe by Nadia Lim), and of course they’re the only thing to use when making guacamole!

Why not try these recipes now before they go up in price with the main growing season in New Zealand coming to an end.