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If your dog likes to nibble away and has some sores which won’t heal, try making this salve, it uses sulphur which is very healing and the smell will help to stop your dog from nibbling.

For itchy skin, we have a salve made with witch hazel, which helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and aloe gel which is cooling and helps to speed up the healing process.

Wound Healing Salve

2 Tbs petroleum jelly
1 tsp sulphur powder

 You can ask for sulphur powder at your chemist or purchase it online, here’s one option.

Mix together and apply to the wound.

Reduce Itch Salve

Simply mix 1 part witch hazel with 2 parts aloe vera gel.

Rub it on the affected area. As mentioned, the witch hazel helps to stop the itchiness and kills bacteria while the aloe vera helps to cool the skin and speed up the healing process.

Dog scratching himself behind his ear on the grass