The full range of Green Goddess branded natural products.
Free from synthetics, phosphates, preservatives, artificial fragrances and plant derived ingredients. Scented only with pure essential oils. There are no toxins to aggravate allergies or hinder the immune systems and no harmful substances to leach into the environment. All paper packaging is home compostable and liquids have glass options.

Green Goddess

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  • avocado & almond natural castile soap bar

    Avocado & Almond Beauty & Baby Unscented Castile Soap Bar


  • Green Goddess Citrus Multipurpose Surface Spray Cleaner in glass

    Citrus Multipurpose Surface Spray Cleaner

  • Green Goddess glass stainless spray cleaner with refill

    Glass & Stainless Spray Cleaner

  • Green Goddess Lemon Thyme Bathroom and Shower Spray cleaner in glass

    Lemon Thyme Bathroom & Shower Spray Cleaner

  • Green Goddess Mould Magic mould inhibitor spray in glass bottles

    Mould Magic Natural Mould Inhibitor Spray

  • Green Goddess rose multipurpose surface spray cleaners in glass

    Rose Multipurpose Surface Spray Cleaner

  • Green Goddess natural citrus dish powder in home compostable bag

    Citrus Dish Wash Powder

  • Cleaning Paste 300gm – Peppermint


  • Cleaning paste 300gm – Rose


  • Sale! Green Goddess natural acai face cream

    Green Goddess Acai Unscented Face Cream 50ml


  • Green Goddess Bergamot Deodorant 70g

  • Green Goddess Hemp & Rose Liquid Castile Body Soap

  • hemp and jojoba natural vegan rub on deodorant

    Green Goddess Jojoba Deodorant 70g

  • hemp & neroli natural vegan rub on deodorant

    Green Goddess Neroli Deodorant 70g

  • Sale! Green Goddess Natural Face Cream with Rosehip

    Green Goddess Rosehip Face Cream 50ml


  • lemongrass & lime natural castile dishwash soap bar

    Lemongrass & Lime Dishwash & Stain Remover Castile Soap Bar


  • Loo-Ease Fresh Mint Aroma

  • Loo-Ease Spiced Earth

  • Natural Baby Wipe Solution

  • Natural Deodorant 70g – Original Citrus

  • Natural Deodorant 70g – Original Lavender

  • Natural Deodorant 70g – Original Patchouli

  • Natural Deodorant 70g – Original Rose

  • Natural Deodorant 70g – Original Unscented

  • Sale!

    Natural Face & Body Cream 50ml – Original Lavender


  • Sale!

    Natural Face & Body Cream 50ml – Original Rose


  • Green Goddess natural peppermint toilet cleaner in home compostable bag

    Peppermint Toilet Cleaner

  • double strength cleaning vinegar

    Premium White Cleaning Vinegar – Double Strength

  • Sale!

    All Natural Baby Wipe Duo


  • Sale!

    Bath Bomb Starter Kit


  • unscented castile soap

    Green Goddess Hemp & Coconut Unscented Liquid Castile Soap

  • Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Liquid Castile Cleaning & Dish Wash

  • hemp and manuka natural vegan lip balm

    Green Goddess Hemp & Manuka Lip Balm 15gm


  • Natural Laundry Powder citrus

    Natural Laundry Powder Citrus Concentrate

  • Natural Laundry Powder Lavender Concentrate

  • Natural Laundry Powder Patchouli Concentrate

  • Natural Laundry Powder Rose Concentrate

  • Natural Laundry Powder Unscented Concentrate

  • Natural San oxygen soaker and stain remover in home compostable bag

    Natural-San Oxygen Soaker

  • premium mined food grade baking soda in home compostable bag

    Premium Baking Soda

  • borax home compostable bag sodium borate

    Premium Borax

  • premium epsom salt home compostable bag

    Premium Epsom Salts

  • Green Goddess oxy bleach in a home compostable bag

    Premium Oxy-Bleach

  • premium soda ash sodium carbonate home compostable bag

    Premium Soda Ash

  • Sale! natural cleaning and laundry home change over kit

    Home Change Over Kit


  • Sale! natural cleaning home starter pack

    Home Starter Pack


  • Sale! green goddess natural cleaning & laundry DIY kit

    Natural Cleaning DIY Kit


  • Antibacterial Spray

  • Hand Sanitiser Spray

  • Sale! Mould removal kit cleaning paste mould magic glass cleaner

    Mould Removal Kit


  • Sale! natural baby wipe solution baby soap bar baby laundry powder

    Natural Baby Starter Pack


  • Sale! natural baby shower gift pack large box wipes

    Natural Baby Shower Gift Pack

  • sheet whitening

    Natural Bluing Powder 350g


  • Eco Laundry Powder Spoons

  • Sale! natural cleaning starter pack products for home cleaning

    Natural Cleaning Starter Pack – Original


  • Sale! make your own laundry powder

    Laundry Powder Kit


  • Sale! sheet whitening kit

    Natural Sheet Whitening Kit


  • Sale!

    Basic Natural Cleaning DIY Kit


  • Natural Laundry Powder Sample or Travel Sachet