These handy car cleaning tips are from Wendyl Nissen’s book Recipes For A Cleaner Life. They are an alternative to turning on the hose and and using a large amount of water all at once. This is especially helpful when we are heading into the warmer months and need to conserve water as much as possible.

How To Green Clean Your Car

1. To clean a very dirty car, use a mixture of four litres water to half a litre of methylated spirits (not the most green option but cuts down on water usage). Do not rinse, then give your car a good rub with a soft cloth.

2. To remove insects stuck to the car, take a plastic mesh bag (used to hold onions and lemons) and roll it into a ball. Use this to rub and collect the dead insects.

3. To clean chrome on a car, dip a damp cloth into Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda and rub over the surface. Rinse, dry and shine.

4. Pop a few drops of Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Liquid Castile Cleaning Soap into your windscreen washer container to clean muddy or dusty windscreens.

5. To clean rubber floor mats, rub liquid furniture wax into them.

6. Vinyl car upholstery cleans up well with a solution of 1 cup dishwashing detergent to two litres of warm water. Create lots of suds by beating with an egg beater and use the suds to clean with a sponge.

7. To cover up small scratches on the car rub with a matching wax colour crayon.

8. For the dashboard, and even the upholstery, use olive oil. It provides the nourishment needed but also cleans off dirt and dust. Wipe on with a cloth and rub in, then polish off.

9. To get raindrop marks off car windscreens, cut a potato in half and rub on the screen.

10. Next time you fully wash your car park it on the lawn. That way the water that drips off will feed your lawn rather than run down the drain into the waste water.