mould in corner of a room

Many people struggle with mould and mildew at this time of the year, airing your house as often as possible is crucial to help prevent it. Open the doors and windows whenever you can and make sure all curtains are open during the day.

Even with airing, if your house is older, mould and mildew can still form on walls, ceilings, window frames and curtains.

Here are some handy tips on how to remove it.

Clove Spray for Walls and Ceilings

Add about 3ml of Clove Bud Essential Oil to a 1 litre spray bottle of water and spray all over the mould on walls or ceilings. Leave for a day and then scrub off.

Once dry spray thoroughly with Mould Magic and leave to dry, this will help to prevent the mould and mildew from growing back.

Mildew on Curtains

This DIY tip was shared by Lorraine.

Soak curtains with mildew on them in a bucket of water in which you have dissolved 1kg of salt (not iodised). Soak overnight and then hang on the clothes line in the sun (do not rinse). The salt will dry and crystallise then you can brush off and the mould will come with it.

Milk Cleaner for Walls, Ceilings and Vinyl

Into a bucket of hot water add 1 cup of milk and 1/4 cup Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Dish Wash. Rub on the walls, then wipe off.

Hemp & Eucalyptus Cleaner for Curtains

Fill a bucket with warm water and add 3 Tablespoons Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Dish Wash, stir well to combine. Sponge mould off of curtains checking first for colour fastness. For bad cases you can wash each curtain in this solution and then hang out to dry so any creases fall out. Do not tumble dry.