From Pesticides To Organics On Line Seminar

Are you interested in finding out more about the prevalence and effects of pesticides in our food, and what we can do about it? This upcoming zoom seminar on November 27th hosted by the Safe Food Campaign will discuss the regulation of pesticides in New Zealand, their effect on the environment and why children are at risk.

Find out about organic and regenerative farming and growing and how they are a big part of the solutions to climate change, human and ecosystem health, as well as what you can do to be part of the solution by the choices you make.

From Pesticides to Organics Seminar

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Hosted by the Safe Food Campaign

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 The food we buy now commonly has pesticides in it. What’s wrong with a few pesticides in food? What can be done about this? Two presenters will give their perspectives. Join Alison White who will be speaking on “What’s wrong with pesticides in food?” and Philippa Jamieson who will be speaking on  “Climate friendly food and farming” .

New Zealand continues to use pesticides banned in other countries. Some of these are known, even in very small doses, to cause irreversible harm, particularly in developing foetuses, children and the sick.

Many additives used in our food have been banned overseas because of adverse health effects.

A Safe Food Campaign survey found that many children could be consuming over 150 additives per day, that is 40,000 per year.

Live Online Seminar:

2pm – 2.30pm Safe Food Campaign AGM – all welcome

2.30pm – 3pm What’s wrong with pesticides in food?
Aren’t pesticides in food regulated? What are some environmental effects of pesticides? Why are children at risk? Which food is more likely to contain pesticides? Alison White, Co-convenor of the Safe Food Campaign, Life Member of Soil & Health, is a long time environmental activist. She was on the Pesticides Board for three years as appointee of the Ministry for the Environment, and she has a Masters in Public Health.

3pm – 3.30pm Climate-friendly food and farming
Organic and regenerative farming and growing are a big part of the solutions to climate change, human and ecosystem health. We can all be part of the solutions by the choices we make and the actions we take. Philippa Jamieson, the outgoing editor of Organic NZ, and author of The Wild Green Yonder, will offer ideas and inspiration. She will also weave in her experiences of wwoofing and gardening, and knowledge gained from 13 years as editor of Aotearoa’s only magazine dedicated to all things organic.

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