Delicious Feijoa toasty

I recently discovered a thoroughly enjoyable Facebook group, the Feijoa Appreciation Group! This is such a delightful page filled with people who totally love feijoas and everything to do with them. You will find information on growing, pest reduction, helpful links, stories, and photos, and it’s a great place to find recipes like this one.

These toasties are a total flavour sensation, made even more so by serving with the Dairy Free Ice Cream recipe that we shared last week.

feijoa toastie being made

Thanks Jonny Hammond for this fantastic recipe and to Lisa Snow for the photos.

Fantastic Feijoa Toasties

Yes you read it right…it’s very easy and you’ll be instantly hooked.

Step 1. Butter two slices of white bread and sprinkle sugar onto the butter.

Step 2. Scoop out two feijoas and mash up with a fork.

Step 3. Place the bread into your toasted sandwich machine, tip in mashed feijoa, place top piece of bread on and close machine, cook as per normal Toastie.

The feijoa juice seeps through the bread then caramelises with the butter and sugar…hot feijoa pie…you won’t believe it’s bread you’re eating …I’ve been making these for over 40 years.

Give it try!

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