The following is a message from NZAVS (The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society) who need as many people as possible to sign their petition and end animal testing in New Zealand:

Every year around 300,000 animals are still used for science in NZ. Many of these animals are sadly forced to endure cruel and barbaric experiments.

As NZAVS is the only non-profit in NZ with the sole focus of defending animals used in science, it’s important that we work as efficiently and quickly as possible to end animal experimentation. For this reason, we are going straight to the source of animal testing and demanding that the NZ Government made long-overdue changes to this archaic industry with our latest petition!

The important changes our petition is asking for include:

Better allocation of funding

Stronger laws

Greater openness and transparency

Check out the petition and see the complete list of changes we are demanding here:

Will you help end animal testing in NZ by sharing and promoting our petition to your followers and supporters?

What to do: Use one of our template images that we’ve saved here to make a post on your social media pages and stories and direct people to the link to sign our petition!

Please remember to tag us too – we’re @endinganimaltestingnz on Instagram and @nzavs on Facebook.

For the text to go with the image, you simply need to mention our petition and explain why it’s important to you. You’ll know how to best convey this to your followers but for a bit of inspiration, here’s an example:

Did you know that animal testing still happens in Aotearoa, New Zealand? With around 300,000 animals being used in science each year here, something needs to change!


This petition aims to put pressure on the NZ Government to start creating a world without animal testing. It already has over 14K signatures. Can you help it reach 20K by signing and sharing today?

#BeCrueltyFree #EndAnimalTesting #StrikingAtTheSource