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Are you are a very proud owner of an outstanding tiny home that hasn’t been entered into the annual Tiny House Awards in previous years?  If so, now is your chance to show it off!

The Tiny House Awards team are currently seeking entries to recognise excellence in tiny house design and creativity throughout New Zealand. To make sure your home is in the running for the 2024 NZ Tiny House of the Year Award grab your camera and snap some photos showcasing your awesome pad and fill in an entry form letting the judges know what makes your tiny home stand out from the rest.

Read on for more details including conditions of entry, prizes and how to enter – entries close on the 22nd July.

From The Tiny House Awards Team …

Guess what time it it? Yup, you got it – the New Zealand Tiny House Awards are back, and boy, are we psyched! Entries are now open until the 22nd July to be exact. So, if you’ve got a killer tiny home up your sleeve, now’s the time to flaunt it!

We’ve made some BIG changes to the judging process too. This year, all categories (excluding the People’s Choice Award), will be decided by our esteemed panel of judges. That’s right—industry experts will carefully evaluate and select the winners, ensuring top-notch recognition for outstanding design and creativity in every category.

The People’s Choice Award is all about the power of the vote! The public will still get to pitch in, choosing their favorite tiny house and helping to crown the winner of this much-loved award.

Big shoutout to our friends at Tiny Towing Solutions for sponsoring these awards. Without them, we wouldn’t have the chance to celebrate the cream of the crop in Kiwi tiny house design. Seriously, these awards are all about giving props to the best of the best in the industry, showcasing the brilliance of tiny living across New Zealand.

Now, let’s talk about categories. We’ve got some good ones lined up. From the Best Commercial Build, Most Creative Design, Best DIY Build, and the fan-favourite the People’s Choice Award, there’s a little somethin’-somethin”’ for everyone. And hey, did we mention the sweet cash prizes? We’re talking $500 per category, plus a whopping $2,000 for the overall winner walking away with the NZ Tiny House of the Year Award.

But wait, before you go grabbing’ your camera, there are a few details you need to know. First off, make sure your photos and videos are top-notch, capturing every inch of your tiny home in all its glory. And hey, don’t skimp on the entry form details either. The judges want to know what makes your Tiny Home stand out from the rest, so give them the lowdown in your entry form.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty rules. Your tiny home can’t be bigger than 60m2 (excluding lofts, and decks), and sorry, no renders allowed—this isn’t a game of make-believe. Plus, your tiny home must have been built between 27th May, 2022, and 22nd July, 2024. Oh, and if your tiny house has already been entered in previous years, sorry, but they’re sitting this one out.

When snapping’ those pics, make sure to give us a look inside and out. We want to see every nook and cranny, from the cosy bedroom to the swanky kitchen. And hey, if you’re a commercial builder, you can toss up to five tiny homes in the ring—but remember, only the builder gets to flex their muscles in the Best Commercial Build category.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a DIY daredevil, it’s time to throw your hat in the ring for the 2024 New Zealand Tiny House Awards. Who knows? You could be walking away with the title of NZ Tiny House of the Year and a fat stack of cash. So mark your calendars, – entries open now!