Beer slug trap

Photo Credit Juliet Lever

To catch slugs with beer all you have to do is place a container or bowl into the ground and pour some beer in, the slugs are not fussy so any type of beer will do. The theory is that the slugs are attracted by the smell of malt, they slide over, take a drink and fall into the container and drown.

But is it possible that putting beer out actually attracts more slugs to your garden from surrounding areas? And how many slugs does this type of trap actually catch?

The Laid Back Gardener has a time-lapse video that reveals what happens when a slug beer trap is placed in the garden.

This is from The Laid Back Gardener

“Most slugs that visit the trap are content to drink some beer and then continue on their way without any negative consequence. Some even slide right on down into the trap, wallow in the beer then climb back out, apparently very satisfied with their night of drinking. Others (a small minority) also descend into the trap, but don’t leave: they drown and they’re the ones you find belly up the next day. (Nobody knows why some slugs drown while the majority were are uninjured: that remains a mystery).

Another problem: the odour of malt attracts slugs from afar and therefore actually increases the population of slugs nearby and damage to leaves increases. It’s like a sip or two of beer gives the slug hordes the munchies. Therefore plants near the trap actually suffer more damage than plants located far from the trap. In other words, the slug beer trap, when used as usually recommended, does not protect your plants and can even result in even worse damage.”

Try placing your trap away from your plants as per Juliet’s photo above.

For the rest of the article and the video click here … Trapping Slugs with Beer: Myth or Reality?

Awapuni Nurseries suggests making a slug beer trap with a soda bottle so that the slugs fall in more easily and can’t get back out. Find out how to make this type of trap here.

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