Winter is almost here and so is static hair. As the weather cools down, the lack of moisture in the air creates more static for your hair. Having the heating on in your house and pulling woolly jumpers over your head can further add to the problem.

Using plastic fibre brushes and over doing it with your curling, straightening and drying appliances can create a wave of dry floating strands.

If you are still having trouble with static, try making this three-ingredient spray that will tame those fly-aways on the spot.

DIY Static Taming Hair Spritz

230ml Filtered water

1tsp Wendyls Lavender Laundry Liquid

1tsp Conditioner

Pour all ingredients into your clean spray bottle and shake well to combine. Shake before each use.

To use lightly spray your hair brush then brush through the mid section down to the ends of your hair. Style as usual.

When on the go spray a light mist directly onto hair and leave.