Here’s a wonderful old recipe which harnesses the soothing powers of calendula and comfrey and the antiseptic powers of lavender and thyme. If you have a rash or irritated skin I recommend you give this one a go.

You may have to search a bit for the herbs,  many health shops have dried herbs packaged up for teas so you may find them there. You can also use fresh herbs if you have them on hand. 

DIY Soothing Skin Balm

38ml good quality Olive Oil

1 Tbsp each Calendula Flowers, Comfrey, Lavender Flowers & Thyme. You can use dried or fresh.

10g Beeswax

Over a very low heat or in a double boiler warm the olive oil – get the best quality you can find.

Next add all of the herbs and leave to infuse. When the herbs become a little crisp and the olive oil takes on some of the colour from them, strain the mixture then put back into the pot.

Add the beeswax, stir until all the wax melts. Pour into a jar and let cool. Keep away from sunlight.