natural spray cleaner ingredients with glass spray bottle

This natural spray cleaner is very easy to mix up and not only cleans well but fills the air with a lovely essential oil scent. Best of all it only takes a couple of minutes to make!

In summer a blend of scents like lemon and lavender or sweet orange and frankincense or lime and rosemary are light and uplifting. If flies are a problem, add a couple of drops of citronella oil to the spray, this will help deter them.

During winter try to use warm oils, like Thieves Synergy Blend, cedar-wood, clove or even a little natural vanilla essence, to give the kitchen a cosy smell.

If you have wooden bench tops, add about one teaspoon of olive oil and shake the bottle every time you use it, to disperse the oil and keep your bench in pristine condition.

DIY Natural Spray Cleaner

Nearly fill a 1 litre bottle with filtered warm water – warm water helps to dissolve the baking soda. 

Add 1 tsp Green Goddess Premium Baking Soda, a few drops of liquid Castile soap (preferably Green Goddess Unscented Liquid Castile Soap) and 10 drops of essential oil. My favourite at the moment is Lotus Synergy Blend, Joy & Harmony.

Shake together and fill up your spray bottle, the rest can be kept away from the sun for later use.

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