DIY jojoba and rose essential oil make up remover

Jojoba oil most closely resembles our skin’s natural oil so is less likely to create blocked pores. Witch hazel is a brilliant toner that refreshes the skin and rose geranium and sandalwood essential oils are both fantastic for skin health. Together all these ingredients are perfect for cleaning and reviving dull skin.

Sandalwood oil has long been known for its anti-inflammatory effects and rose geranium balances the skin’s natural oil production, minimises the appearance of enlarged pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria.

DIY Natural Make Up Remover

4 tablespoons witch hazel

4 tablespoons golden jojoba oil

1.5 tablespoon aloe vera

2 drops each rose geranium essential oil and sandalwood essential oil

Combine all of the ingredients in a clean sterilised jar and shake to combine. Pour into a small pump bottle, dropper bottle or use it straight from the jar.

To use shake well and pour a little onto a reusable make up remover pad and remove make up. Then rinse your face with warm water and dry.