Here you go … the DIY version of the In-Ground Pet Poo Composter

You can make this composter as big or as small as you choose depending on the size of the bucket or bin (should you wish to go that large). In both cases you’ll need it to be sturdy with a strong lid that closes well.

First you need to decide where to put your composter – a remote corner of the garden that is not near your vegetable garden, tree roots or any ground and surface water is ideal.

Get your bucket or bin and cut out the bottom, then drill holes on the sides all the way around. Dig a hole to slide your bucket or bin in, leave the lip above the ground so it’s easy to put the lid on.

You now have an in ground composter. Open the lid and put your pet poo (with home compostable bag if that’s what you are using). Next sprinkle some septic tank starter powder (available at most hardware stores) on the top of the poo and close the lid. Next time do the same thing and on you go.  

If you think its not starting to break down and you are 3/4 way up the bucket, add more septic powder and a little water and don’t add any more poo for a few days, and keep an eye on it. 

Decorate the lid if you feel so inclined, it may stop people falling over it or mowing over it.

This total system should cost you around $20.00 depending on the size and price of your bucket/bin and how much starter you buy.

For step by step instructions with photos go here.

If this all sounds too hard and you’d like to buy one instead Ensopet sells them in New Zealand