colloidal silver and your pets

If you have pets, Colloidal Silver is a must have. We give it to Cruz at the first sign of irritation from allergies. 10ml a day, 5 in the morning and 5 at night, of Salud Super Silver helps his immune system to fight off any infection and I also use it in his ears; a few sprays of super silver and a wipe keep them clear of infection.

When we had miniature ponies we also used it for an outbreak of warts on Biscuit’s nose, they were multiplying at an alarming rate, we sprayed them with Super Silver twice a day which stopped them getting any worse and after a couple of weeks they had reduced in number and eventually cleared up.

There’s so many ways Colloidal Silver can benefit your pets, here’s all the info from Salud New Zealand.

 Colloidal Silver works by killing the enzyme that metabolises oxygen in bacteria, viruses and fungi. When these toxins are deprived of oxygen, they suffocate and die. Colloidal Silver has this effect only on pathogenic cells, leaving healthy cells alone.

Bacteria that has become immune to antibiotics has no immunity to Colloidal Silver which is easily absorbed by the body. The silver particles are suspended and made so small that they can pass through cell membranes. Colloidal Silver kills over 650 bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds.

There are many ways Colloidal Silver can be used to heal infections and disease, and to keep your pets healthy and happy. Whether you are looking for a disease preventative, a way to treat your pet’s infection or deal with illness and injuries, it can help your pet with many issues.

Colloidal Silver has the advantages of:

• Being non-toxic
• Being odourless and almost tasteless
• Being non-allergenic
• Having no known interactions with drugs or herbs
• Not stinging when applied topically to wounds

Colloidal Silver can be used internally and externally and has no negative side effects.

One or two tablespoons in your pet’s food or water dish will keep their immune system strong and help prevent disease.
Many animals gain weight and energy following a course of Colloidal Silver, suggesting that their wellbeing is enhanced.

One of the primary uses for Colloidal Silver is as a substitute for prescription antibiotics.  Colloidal Silver is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, with activity against many types of bacteria, as well as viruses and fungi.
Use it to flush wounds and prior to bandaging to reduce infection.
For topical treatment you can use either the liquid or gel form of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver is also effective as an eyewash or ear wash. One drop per eye usually suffices for pets’ irritated eyes, and administered several times a day can relieve and heal eye infections. One or two drops of Colloidal Silver in the ears of a cat or dog with an ear infection is safe, fast and effective. This can be repeated two or three times a day for a few days until the condition is gone.

Used on teeth and gums, Colloidal Silver can help relieve irritated gums and improve gum health.  Spray directly in your pet’s mouth or add it to homemade toothpaste and use for brushing.

Pet Skin Problems
Colloidal Silver may be sprayed onto the skin several times a day until the problem has been resolved. Alternatively, Colloidal Silver gel can be rubbed into the affected areas several times a day.
Colloidal Silver is excellent for preventing infection and to stimulate the healing of damaged skin.

Pet Tummy Problems
Some pets can be susceptible to tummy problems or may occasionally eat something nasty that causes discomfort afterward.
Colloidal Silver works quickly to help soothe and heal tummy issues in dogs, cats and other animals.

Pets Bedding
Keep your pets bedding clean and free of bacteria and parasites when you regularly spray it with Colloidal Silver and allow it to air dry.

Cats or small dogs can get 5 ml of Colloidal Silver two or three times a day and larger dogs 10 ml using a dropper or plastic syringe to squirt directly into their mouths. Depending on the condition, the dosage can be tapered off after several days.

Colloidal Silver can also be added to food or to a small bowl of drinking water if it is difficult to give it to them orally.
Most animals are quite happy to drink Colloidal Silver undiluted from a small bowl.

Colloidal Silver is great for treating cats and dogs as it doesn’t have a strong odour and is not harmful to them if you put it on their fur.

Great results have been noted when using Colloidal Silver for coughs and colds, hoof abscesses, eye infections, ‘Seedy Toe’, over-reach injury and greasy heel infections.
Colloidal Silver is recommended for horses suffering from EPM, EHV-1, vaccinosis and any other bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Large wounds, abscesses or other skin irritations can be washed or sprayed with Colloidal Silver, and perhaps followed by the application of the healing topical gel.

Colloidal Silver has shown dramatic results in the case of very young animals such as foals and calves scouring. Given with a syringe twice daily it has the most beneficial effect.

Can be used as drinking water to treat many infections caused by bacteria, yeasts or fungi. It can be consumed by birds internally via the drinking water or used externally on sores or injuries. As a preventative a few drops can be used in drinking water.
French moult, going light, parasitic infection, eye infections, breathing problems are some of many conditions for which Colloidal Silver be used.

A capful added to the fish tank is great for the scale health of fish and for healing injuries.

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