beetroot lip tint on lips

This lip tint made using beetroot will give your lips a natural-looking red hue. Before using prep your lips by putting on a bit of oil (coconut is great for this) and gently cleaning them with a soft cloth.

When not wearing your lip tint keep your lips feeling and looking great by protecting them from the elements with a natural balm, our Green Goddess Hemp & Manuka Balm is perfect for this.

Beetroot Lip Tint

5g raw grated beetroot – leave skin on
3 Tbs glycerine
(vegetable glycerine is best – you can get it at health shops or buy normal glycerine in the supermarket beauty aisle)

Put beetroot and glycerine in a double boiler and gently heat for 15 minutes.

Cool, strain and put into a little jar or similar then apply to your lips with a brush. You may need to make several applications.