If you’re into knitting and would like a new project, how about whipping up little coats for battery hens?

When battery hens are saved they have few feathers to keep them warm.  These wonderful little coats help with this and encourage the growth of new feathers.

Shawn from  www.animalsanctuary.co.nz says she can use them, and if she gets too many, she can send them onto others.

Send them to:

The Sanctuary

441 Govan Wilson Rd
RD5, Warkworth

Thanks to Rosalie Ross for this pattern.

Using 4mm needles cast on 100 sts.

Work 20 rows in k1p1 rib.

Continue in rib, keeping continuity of the pattern throughout, or knit in stocking st. Knitting in back of stitch on knit rows, also 1st  and last stitch on every row tbl for a firm edge and start decreasing as follows

K4, k2 togtbl, k 26,  k2togtbl,k 32 k2 tog, k26, knit 4 (96) sts

Knit 3rows

K 4, k2togtbl, k25, k2togtbl, k30, k2 tog, k25, k2tog, k4 (92)

Knit 3 rows

K4, k2togtbl, k24, k2togtbl, k28, k2togtbl k24, k2tog, k4 (88)

Knit 3 rows

K4, k2togtbl, k23, k2togtbl, k26, k2togtbl, k23, k2tog, k4 (84)

Knit 3 rows

Continue decreasing but only in centre of the work as set…

K28, k2togtbl,  k24, k2tog, k28 (82)

K3 rows

K28, k2togtbl, k22, k2tog, k28  (80)

K 3 rows

K28, k2togtbl, k20 k2tog, k28  (78)

K1 row

K28, k2togtbl, k18, k2tog, k28 (76)

K1 row

K28, k2togtbl, k16, k2tog, k28  (74)

K1 row

Continue decreasing as set (2 sts less in the centre each k row) until there are 58 sts

K1 row

Rib 15 rows, cast off loosely in rib in slightly smaller needles