We have a new baby arriving in the family soon (my niece Mariko is pregnant) so I’ve spent the last few weeks knitting up a storm.   I made a small blanket which is ideal for swaddling and using in those tiny baby capsules, plus booties and beanie to match, then I made a lovely little singlet which is knitted all in one piece from this pattern, which Wellington Hospital distributes.

I’m going to knit up a few more as they are really very easy. The pattern I used for the blanket was in the Australian Women’s Weekly and you can find it here and the booties pattern is here. My daughter Hannah recently returned from overseas and has been staying up north with me, so she has now got the knitting bug too. The other night we sat and knitted baby clothes while watching period dramas in front of the fire. Bliss!

One tip, though, never knit and drink a glass of wine! In fact knitting up a project is a great way to reduce your drinking I’ve found. Now I’m back to knitting Paul’s alpaca sweater. I’ve finished the back and one sleeve, so I’m half way there.