aspirin on a Green Goddess T Shirt

Whether it’s residue from your deodorant on your favourite white T shirt, sweat stains in your gym top or your white pillow cases have yellowed with age aspirin can not only help your headache but it can whiten yellow stains too.

If you’ve tried everything, including our Lemon Grass and Lime Stain Remover Bar and Natural San but your stain still won’t budge try this handy stain removal trick.

Aspirin helps to remove stains and keep whites white. This method is especially good for sweat stains. Sweat contains urea, a compound which causes it to turn yellow on our clothing. Applying deodorant on a daily basis is something most of us do, however regular commercial deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminium salts can mix with the sweat and cause more staining. 

When you use a natural deodorant such as our Green Goddess Rub On Deodorants the base is coconut oil which will only come off on your clothes if you apply too much. When this happens a quick wash in warm water using our Lemongrass and Lime Stain Remover Bar will remove any residue.

If you have yellow stains on your clothing try this method to remove them. Getting rid of stains as soon as you notice them is recommended, the longer you leave a stain the harder it is to remove it.

Aspirin Whitens Yellow Stains

Get three aspirin pills and fill a bowl with warm water then submerge the stain in the mixture for about three hours. Aspirin contains salicylic acid which helps to dissolve stains.

For stains that just wont budge you can make a paste with aspirin and water and apply directly to the stain.

Wash the item as usual, adding Natural San for further stain removal.