If you get an energy slump mid-afternoon and find yourself reaching for a quick sugar fix there might just be a simple explanation. This week we’re sharing health advice from Holistic Nutritionist, Natalie Brady to help identify possible reasons that this could be happening to you, as well as some simple strategies to stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent sugar cravings later in the day.

Natalie is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition who is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to help others get well and stay well, through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

5 Reasons Why You’re Crashing Or Getting Cravings Mid-afternoon

If you reach for caffeine or a sugar-hit in the afternoon for a “pick-me-up” then you need to read this post!!

Here are a few reasons why you may have an energy crash or get intense cravings in the afternoon.

Your breakfast meal didn’t contain 30 grams of protein or more. Studies have shown starting your day with insufficient protein intake leads to unstable blood sugar levels which causes energy spikes and crashes (fatigue) and more cravings later in the day (these cravings can also show post dinner late in the evening).

You skip breakfast or fast for too long. I’m a huge fan of circadian rhythm fasting for at least 12 hours overnight, or 14 hours for some (not if you’re breastfeeding). But for many skipping breakfast then rushing around and having a busy morning leads to unstable blood sugar levels

You’re eating to many carbs with breakfast, lunch or even your mid-morning snack without sufficient protein, fibre and fats. Helllooo blood sugar rollercoaster ride

You’re not getting quality sleep. Ideally 7-9 hours per night. Poor quality sleep or not getting enough sleep increases our hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases a hormone called leptin which is a hormone that signals our body when it full and satiated.

You’re undereating. Calorie restriction doesn’t do your body favours in the long run. Too often I see men and women either unconsciously undereating, or purposefully undereating from being scared that they are eat “too much” or scared to eat if they have a weight loss goal. Our body needs fuel. Food is energy. Eating a balanced diet that is supportive of blood sugar and contains enough calories for your body and hormones to function at its best will help your body to thrive.

Is afternoon cravings or low energy levels something you struggle with? There can be many factors at play, but give a few of the tips above a try and see what changes unfold.

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