Anna with roasties

Anna from The Veggie Tree has an array of whole food, vegan, and natural product DIY workshops coming up and they all sound amazing!

I absolutely love fermented foods and Anna’s Fermenting and Preserving workshop provides hands-on learning of how to make tasty food that adds so much flavour to any meal and is great for gut health. Then there’s the Wild Italian Forage and Feast and the Eastern European Class and Meal – yum! Learn to make winter warming recipes that are the ultimate comfort food, vibrant and rich with earthy flavours.

Another class that I’m very interested in is the ever popular Sourdough and Easy Cheese Workshop, my bread making skills could certainly be improved upon.

Anna is also running a homemade household workshop to honour plastic free July. Together you will make bees wax wraps, homemade deodorant, your choice of a moisturising body balm or a healing balm, a self-care rollerball blend or Ouchy Oil, and the best all purpose household cleaner – all to take home with you!

Coming up soon is Anna’s Eat a Rainbow kids workshop. These holidays Anna will be making quick easy potato pancakes which kids will love, they will come back time and time again – breakfast, lunch or dinner and everything in between. This recipe is tried and true with Anna’s kids and their friends.

Eastern European Class Anna

Eastern European Class and Meal | Sunday 23rd June 1-5pm

These winter warming recipes are the ultimate comfort food, vibrant and rich with earthy flavours. Together we will make delicious nutritious borscht, creamy mushroom stroganoff with kasha and finish with combination dessert of a few favourite sweet treats from the region a blini layer cake with honeyed cream and gozinaki.

$90.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket

wild Italian Forage Feast Anna

Wild Italian Forage and Feast | Sunday 19th May 1-5pm

Foraging wild ingredients is a big part of Italian cuisine and in this class we will head out to my wild garden to pick greens for our meal, taste and learn some common edible weeds along with a couple of common wild mushrooms to add to the feast. We will be making the classic Italian staples from scratch, gnocchi and pasta to have our wild greens and mushrooms with.

$90.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket

Eat a Rainbow workshop Anna

Eat a Rainbow Kids Cooking Class | Thursday 18th April 11-1pm

Setting your kids up for life with skills they’ll use again and again. This quick easy pan-hash-brown with salsa is a great meal at anytime of the day and uses minimal ingredient’s. You’ll also make a simple salsa to go with it along with a seasonal smoothie.

$40.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket

Fermentation workshop Anna

Fermentation and Preserving Workshop | Sunday 28th April 1-5pm

Learn to preserve the harvest with tried and true recipes which I have been mastering for over a decade, and empower yourself to confidently always have tasty food on the table even through the lean times. Fermenting is the cornerstone to a healthy gut and gives fabulous texture and flavour to bland meals.

$90.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket

sour dough Anna

Sourdough and Easy Cheese Workshop | Sunday 9th June 3-5pm

Master the art of the perfect sourdough bread and learn how to make the very versatile easy cheese and the most delicious way to eat it! This is beginners introduction class to making sourdough bread we will cover kneading techniques, trouble shooting potential problems, different flours used for bread making and why, best keeping practises, uses for whey and easy cheese.

$70.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket

cleaning product workshop Anna

Homemade Household Workshop | Sunday 7th July 2-5pm

To celebrate plastic free July here at The Veggie Tree we’re bringing back our homemade household workshop. We love making our own self-care, healing and cleaning products out of natural ingredients and recyclable glass jars. Along with making less waste and no nasty or toxic ingredients added, it is very satisfying making your own products plus it saves you heaps of money in the long run. Together we will make Bees Wax Wraps, Homemade Deodorant, your choice of a moisturising Body Balm or a Healing Balm, a Self-care Rollerball Blend or Ouchy Oil and the best All Purpose Household Cleaner all to take home with you.

$85.00 Find Out More/Purchase Ticket