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There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear another story or post about the devastation single-use plastic is having on our environment. If we continue plastic consumerism at our current rate, it’s hard to believe there won’t be a waterway in the world left that’s not filled with it.
This week, we have a blog from Natalie Maybury from Green Nut, highlighting ten eco products that you can easily switch to today. If you’re keen to grow herbs and vegetables but you don’t have a garden – or space in the garden – and maybe you’re not that great at remembering to water your plants, then check out They have a super range of self-watering platers that make gardening a breeze.
“Yes, it possible to go plastic-free around your home. I mean, don’t get me wrong…It might be challenging to make the switch to 100% plastic-free, and it might take some time. But with the health and environmental dangers of plastic, it’s worth it.”
Here are 10 plastic items you can quit today

1. Plastic shopping bags

Alternative – Reusable fresh produce bags $5 – $10 available in 3 sizes from
Will be available from Wendyl’s soon!
Reuseable produce bag

2. Takeaway coffee cups

Alternative – Reusable coffee cup $32.99 available in different colours from
 reusable coffee cup

3. Plastic toothbrushes

Alternative – Mama Bear Bamboo toothbrush $5 for adults and children, available in different colours from

4. Plastic Food Wrap

Alternative – Reusable Honeywrap $14.95 for a 2 pack from

5. Plastic straws

Alternative – Reusable metal smoothie straws $17.95 includes 2 straight straws, 2 curved straws and a cleaning brush from 
Reusable straws

6. Clothes pegs

Alternative – Bamboo pegs $5.50 for a set of 20 bamboo biodegradable pegs from
bamboo pegs

7. Soap in plastic containers

Alternative – Be Natural Body soap $10 from

8. Plastic cotton buds

Alternative – Go Bamboo cotton natural cotton buds $5.95 for a box of 200 from

9. Plastic dish brush

Alternative – Natural dish brush $9.90 from www.
dish brush

10. Bottled water

Alternative – Insulated stainless steel water bottle $29.90 from

water bottle