I’ve had quite a few enquiries asking about nutritional yeast, this is one of my favourite seasonings, it has a cheesy, slightly nutty, earthy creamy flavour which makes it perfect for adding to your favourite savoury dishes or sprinkling on top of baked potatoes or sliced tomato on Vogels.
Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast (it won’t make your bread rise) otherwise known as saccharomyces cerevisiae it’s grown on wood pulp, beet molasses or sugar cane and provides all nine essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own.
It’s also a complete protein: two tablespoons will give you around nine grams of protein and four grams of fibre, and it’s a great source of B Vitamins, iron, selenium, and zinc. Selenium is in short supply in our soil here in NZ (take a read of this article from Dr Libby for more info) 

Another big plus for nutritional yeast is that it’s soy, gluten and dairy free, there’s also very little sodium and fat, and I found out that it lacks candida albicans which is the type of yeast that’s known to aggravate candidiasis, an unpleasant fungal infection.

On the internet nutritional yeast is often called Nooch, no one seems to be sure why, perhaps it’s simply because Nooch is a catchy name.

Try enticing your whole family to eat nutritional yeast by making some totally addictive Nooch Popcorn … you’ll never want regular popcorn again!