When I was at the Hobsonville Point Eco Market in November with our Green Goddess products I was able to take some time away from the stand (thanks Mum) and talk to some of the other vendors, one of my favourite’s was Love Food Hate Waste.

Wasting food is something I definitely do not love, I tend to keep just about everything and try to find a way to use it at some stage, often our freezer is packed full of little bits and pieces that I’ve saved for my next creation.

Of course this doesn’t always happen and after a fair bit of complaining that ‘nothing else will fit in the freezer’ I thaw things out and in the compost they go. It was so good to see the different ways that we can reuse food and also how to make better purchases in the first place.

Love Food Hate Waste has put together a super guide to help reduce food waste and what better time to minimise your fridge, freezer, and pantry stores by eating the food you already have than over the holidays.

They suggest challenging yourself for a week or more, to living off the contents of your fridge, freezer, and pantry without buying anything else. This is a great way to clear out all the bits and bobs that have been hanging around for far too long. If you’re anything like me, you have a plethora of little containers lurking in the back of the pantry and fridge that need to be put to good use or thrown away.

Making a concerted effort to use up all that you can is also a good way to switch over to going plastic free, today there are many more options available for purchasing in bulk, or at waste free stores using your own jars, or simply shop at the local farmers market or local grocers and use your own bags and reusable containers.

They’ve also put together a fantastic recipe collection of inventive ways to use up leftovers: two of my favourites are the Green Garden Crackers which can be made from wilted greens, and Okonomiyaki which is a savoury Japanese pancake made with cabbage.

Click here for Love Food Hate Waste‘s Guide to Reducing Food Waste

Over the holidays you can transform your pantry too!