NZ Hempress Full Spectrum Oil is now called Phyto Nutrient Rich Hemp Oil With Terpenes, and NZ Hempress Full Spectrum Balm is now called Phyto Nutrient Rich Hemp Balm With Terpenes. The oil and balm inside is exactly the same, only the name has changed.

There is nothing quite like this oil from NZ Hempress, I use it daily as it stops the arthritic pain that I get in my right forearm from too much computer work. I also rub on the balm if I feel a tingle coming on and just like that it’s gone. Grant also uses the oil three times a day for anxiety, it knocks it on the head within half an hour of taking a few drops.

With the law here in New Zealand this product is now not able to be called ‘Full Spectrum’ as this term is going to be used by the medical cannabis industry and therefore companies that are not in the pharmaceutical industry are not permitted to use this term.

Message from NZ Hempress:
“A year ago Medsafe reviewed the NZ Hempress website and were fine with our content, however now they are not happy with us using the term “full spectrum”. Although our oil is considered a full spectrum hemp seed oil, this term is now coined by the medical cannabis industry as a pharmaceutical term.  For this reason you will notice a change on our label and our website as it pertains to the terms “Full Spectrum” & “Cannabinoids” – but our oil remains EXACTLY the same.”   

“We are therefore replacing the word “Cannabinoid” with “Phyto-Nutrient” and removing the words “Full Spectrum” which you’ll see we have replaced “With Terpenes”. “

We are now highlighting the terpene element of the product to help the consumer distinguish that there is a difference with our oil from regular hemp seed oil. 

Here at Green Goddess you will notice the change has already taken place on our website and the new labels will be rolling out late February.

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