We recently shared a blog post about Ethically Kate on Tour. Now we want to share with you the option to download her brand new e-book, What the F**K is Ethical Fashion? for FREE!

Kate’s guide makes ethical fashion a little less daunting and helps you to understand what makes fashion ethical and how you can make a difference by choosing consciously.


From Kate herself:

We’re freaking excited to share with you an ebook created in partnership with Ethical Made Easy that explains Ethical Fashion in the most simple way possible.

From Seed to Garment, we take you through each step of the garment creation process so simply, you’ll come out the end empowered rather than confused. Finally: your one stop shop to Ethical Fashion and what it really is.

From the book….

“Ethical fashion is defined by different people in different ways. Ultimately,
your ethics are your own, and vary from your neighbour’s; that’s the beauty
of our unique humanity”.

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